Aluminium Luxyline Plate logo/badge/trademark

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Compatible with all vehicles.

This logo is the finishing touch and is found on every high-end model as well as as on sporty and luxurious finishes. It will provide the attractive small detail missing from your vehicle. Is resistant to rain/snow, UV and washing (indirect high pressure jet and rollers).

The back of the logo is coated with double-sided tape so the application of it is much easier on the following components:
- Radiator grill
- Trunk/tailgate
- Dashboard/glove box
- Seats
- Doors

  • Material : Aluminium
  • Length : 73 mm
  • Width : 24 mm
  • Thickness : 2 mm
Aluminium Luxyline Plate logobadgetrademark


Lower radiator grill chrome trim Audi A4 série 1 phase 2 9900

Lower radiator grill chrome trim Audi A4 série 1 phase 2 99-00 Luxyline offers you this exclusive new type of chrome strip, patented design of which we are the only dealer in Europe. The chrome strip is in a L-shape, the front part being chrome-plated and the side part being used for fixing it by means of a very strong adhesive of the brand 3M (American premium brand for a durable fixing on all supports). The holding will be much better than all the other U-shaped strips offered by our competitors, the fixing part being covered with a simple adhesive paste.Resistant to rain/snow, UV and washing (high indirect pressure jet and rollers). Make sure you degrease the surface with a solvent of Gazoline F-type before applying it.This chrome strip is only for the lower part of the radiator grill: Under the license plate.This radiator grill chrome moulding trim strip attaches to the fins of the front bumper grill of the car, in order to add a chrome finish to it. It will enhance the entire front bumper of the vehicle by highlighting it with a touch of chrome. This item can fill the entire radiator grill, and is not limited to a single strip.Warning: this is a roll of Universal chrome strip to be cut/adjusted by yourself. The product is specially designed so it can be trimmed very easily, which gives a perfect and specific finish to your vehicle. You can cut the strips using a pair of scissors (mounting is not difficult, and does not require knowledge/special tools).

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